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May 8, 2022
1 is an ad network which uses header bidding technology and with having partners like Google, Openx, smartadserver, medinet, microsoft advertising and other 31 advertising companies.
We serve optimized ad monetization technology publishers with insightful reporting and Features, and a team of Adsvictory have well experienced in the website monetization and optimization is ready to help you in every possible way. Partner with us and we will increase your revenue within weeks.

How can we increase your revenue and performance through header bidding?
Header bidding is a programmatic way of advertising in which we can integrate multiple number of demand partner for same demand to be filled with highest rate. we already have more than 35 demand partners including Google parent account, ezoic, medinet and we also have more than 500 direct advertiser in order to fill the unfilled demand. We do not only increase your revenue we also help inn increasing your webite performance Through many ways. Partner with us to experience it.

some general points to be noted:
- Payments are NET-30(Net25 in some conditions)
- Payout Methods are Crypto, Paytm, Upi, PayPal, skrill, perfectmoney & Bank Transfer.
- Revenue model is Cost-per-Mile(Cpm) (more Conversions will lead to increase in CPM)

Minimum Requirements For co-operation:
- Comply with Google Policies{this is must}.
- Have at least 100k pageviews in previous 30 days.
- Traffic must be genuine{user-generated, bot traffic is not allowed}.

Benefits of using Adsvictory compared to Adsense and other networks:
- Higher revenue And higher performance of your website or app.
- CPM/Cpa model which will lead to higher revenue.
- Multile number of payment methods available.

What are you waiting for let's generate higher profits with adsvictory.

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